About Us

We are changing the way of making things possible.

The big idea is an accessible multi-level real estate investment crowdfunding platform to finance commercial real estate projects across Africa, starting in South Africa. We have named this platform “HomesFair”.

“Become an investor with $5000"

We turn property investment in Africa into a service that is accessible & secure.

HomesFair is the product of the realisation that real estate investments ought to be more accessible to the general public.
The remedy to poverty is not working harder but working smarter and wherever possible, ensuring your money works on your behalf.
Historically, property investments has been reserved for those with specialised knowledge, the right connections and access to great amounts of capital thus keeping investing in real estate out of reach for most people. 
  • A service where the investment opportunities would be vetted and brought to the interested investors.
  • A service that would allow individuals, separately or as a group, to invest securely in Africa (starting in South Africa) and gain passive income from their investment.
  • A service that wouldn’t require the investor to travel to the various African country because a team of on-the-ground experts would be taking care of the details of the investment.
  • A service which supports a full-stack financial integration investment system including property acquisition, real estate value-creation, property development, and real-time asset management.

Our Vision

#1 Real Estate Fundraising Platform in Africa

Traditionally, commercial real estate has been one of the most lucrative property investments on the market, however, it was mainly available to only the very wealthy. HomesFair has been designed to give you a platform to help you raise the funds for your property investment and/or participate in property investment opportunity.

Our Mission

Invest with confidence.

We want to teach individuals how to make their money work for them and how to take advantage of the rise of new methods of investment. Ultimately, we aim to revolutionize real estate investment in Africa as we know it.

Meet with our team

With local experts on hand across Africa, our experienced sales and aftersales teams are dedicated to offering a clear and transparent service at every stage of the process.

Trusted by the biggest companies in the world.